I can see clearly now….now that the rain is gone!

Crossroad in lavender meadow

Dealing with Crossroads in Life

The English dictionary defines crossroads as an important point in one’s life.  In my own words, I want to talk about those important points in our lives.

In earlier years the important moments revolve around birthdays, examination days, perhaps days in our religious calendars, national days and the list goes on. You quickly notice that these important events are much defined and in a sense give one a very clear indication of the preparation required these moments.

For instance, in the case of examinations, the exam date is known well before time, a timetable is set out and most candidates, if not all, grasp that there is specific study material that they need to review in order to adequately prepare for the exams.  For that national day, the day’s program is prepared in advance and more often than not it is a standard program that happens year after year. For the birthdays, if one is holding a special party, one knows when to send out the invites, purchase or clean that special outfit, prepare food for the guests. In all these scenarios we witness pretty clear order of events.

Let’s fast forward to adulthood when most if not all, classroom exams are behind you. You experience those critical moments in your life that shape your destiny. Often at crossroads knowing very well that with each decision you make, your life will never be the same again. There is not a school curriculum out there that prepares you for these moments. But one thing I have learnt, when at a cross roads, the faster you make the choice, the greater the reward.  One quickly realizes when at a crossroad but a lot of times we hold back on that inevitable decision that is required of us. Wishing, praying, hoping that the need to make a decision will disappear into thin air and that your life will smoothly go on – or even get better. Oh, the irony of it all!

You may linger in limbo for a few hours, a few days, months or even years but you will along the way need to move on and make a choice on which way to go. It is inevitable! The absence of immediate disaster as you wait undecided is very deceiving. However, any wasted moment in our lives is disastrous!

Be persuaded this day to take that bold step. Face your cross roads. Go forward. If it is that career decision you need to make, make it. If it is that relationship you need to walk away from, whether a real or imagined relationship, walk away. If it is that spiritual step you need to take, take it.  You will surely experience a life of great abundance.  If stuck at the cross roads and afraid that a move may bring a negative outcome. I promise you, you won’t know that for sure until you make that move. Staying at the cross roads will definitely do you no good! Gather courage and do what you must. In any case, if the rain must fall, then so be it! There surely will be a few rainbows as you weather the storm.

I choose to take that bold step; I lay aside this book and choose to pick another book. I have been at this crossroads for a long time, this particular book had many chapters but I have now read through all the chapters. Turned all the pages, again and again…..and again. But now, if the rain must fall, then so be it! I know I will have my rainbows and soon I will joyfully declare that ….I can see clearly now….now that the rain is gone. Friend, don’t linger at your crossroads take that bold step. 


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  1. joseph maina says:

    Very good reading. Aptly captures reality of life. Worth a mention to friends. Keep up

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