Discover a Place Where Things Never Fall Apart!


This is dedicated to all of us who have gone through loss and sorrow in our lives. To all that have experienced grief, experienced the cruel hand of death, death loved ones; the saints who have gone ahead of us. When truly things seem to have fallen apart but you are still pressing on. Those of us that face each day with renewed courage, though conscious of the pain. Through divine strength we smile through the tears.

Chinua Achebe says, ‘when the centre can no longer hold, things fall apart’! For things to be stable, we must stay at the center. It’s not what you are that matters but in whose hands you are in! It’s only at the everlasting arms that we find our stability; anywhere else, things will fall apart.” ……..these were words shared by Rev. E. Karanja in the New Year of 2012, during my late mum’s prayer service as we prepared to lay her to rest.

Reflecting on this statement one and a half years later, I am amazed at what life can bring your way. I am amazed at the ability bestowed upon mankind to withstand the strong tides as the storms of life rage against us.

The big question is; when the storms of life are raging, where do you seek refuge? When the strong tides lift, does your anchor drift or firm remain?

Have you discovered He that hides you? He who safely hides you in the shadow of His hand? He who turns all our life’s encounters into everlasting joy?

Special thanks to all loved ones who have stood with us in these difficult times; both family and friends. You special ones are angles of encouragement.

…And to all of us, will your anchor hold in the storms of life? whose hands are you in? Are you in The everlasting arms? ………….There is hope. We have an anchor that keeps the soul steadfast and sure as the billows roll.

In His everlasting arms, things never fall apart!

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