July, 2014

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The Daughters’ series:The Daughter’s Identity

The Daughter’s Identity

Dear daughter, in my own words, this is who you are or ought to be.

You are a gift of love. You are beautiful and wonderfully created. You fill the world with fragrance of love, rays of hope, streams of overflowing joy and gladness for all to witness and experience.

A daughter smiles through the tears and loves all the more through the difficulties. She corrects another promptly to make the other a better person. She makes all people around her desire to bring out their best in all they do.

A daughter holds all things together in the seasons of turmoil and great difficulty. A daughter believes the best of those she loves. Not because of them but in spite of them.  A daughter never gives up. She keeps her hope alive to the very end of time.  A daughter remains strong for all around her but realizes the importance of a support system in her life. She often will cry in secret, hold that 1 hour telephone conversation with a friend, do whatever it takes to ensure that her tears are well dried in front of the multitudes.

Is she perfect? No. She is not perfect and she is well aware of that. She remains grateful for all those who spare a moment to correct her, guide her, affirm her and encourage her through her days’ chores. She remains an encouragement to all she encounters and refuses to speak negative amidst all the evident challenges in our world today. She gives a helping hand not expecting anything in return. Her love is unconditional.

A daughter quickly recognizes her human limitations and relies on a higher being to hold her hand and guide her in her life’s journey. A daughter always bears other peoples’ burdens despite the cares that she carries over her life.  A daughter is gracious to all in her life and for everything in her life. Her love is patient, gentle and kind. Selflessly gives of her time and resources to make a difference in another’s life.

Are you a daughter? Does this describe you? Has your identity changed with the times?  Is this an accurate description of daughters of the 21st century?  Will your identity as a daughter stand the test of time and life seasons?

Arise! Oh beloved daughter, let your love shine to all who know you. Dazzle them with your unending kindness and love till your days here on earth are past. Despite the odds, stay true to who you ought to be.

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