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Wellness ServicesOur Services and Mandate

WanBeat Wellness Centre Ltd is a company that exists;

To promote health education and promotion in the society, targeting both the public and private sectors and the community at large

To develop, apply and disseminate knowledge about health education and promotion through implementation of evidence-based health programs.

To undertake research, training and consultancy in health education  intended to increase the effectiveness of health education programs.

To partner with local and international associations on issues of the promotion and development of health education and promotion, health policy and health services management.

To work for the elevation of the profession of health education & promotion management by the dissemination of professional knowledge and the inculcation of sound practice.

Corporate Social Responsibility

WanBeat Wellness Centre Ltd has a strong sense of social responsibility.  The company seeks to launch Community Health Education and Promotion initiatives in partnership with other stakeholders.