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Can I Knit a Scarf For You?


It has been more than two months since I last wrote. I was caught up in the bustles and hustles of this life. I have had many moments of joy, moments of doubt, of sorrow, moments of gladness and celebration. My best moments have been those I have spent serving others, focusing on other people as opposed to self. Somewhere there in was my birthday celebration too and I took time to thank God for another year.

As I have sat on my bed knitting away at a scarf I started working on in the year 2011, lots of thoughts have crossed my mind. The scarf I am working on has patches of white, black, purple and chocolate brown. I have a pair of knitting needles my grandmother gave to me back in the year 2006. Since then I would knit and then just pull out the woolen thread and start knitting all over again. This I did for many years. In 2011, I picked up a small patch I had knit earlier and this time round, I did not pull out the knitting thread, I continued to knit.

Soon after, knitting is what I did in the house as I waited for something or somebody. Mostly, I knit as I waited for my mother and sisters to get ready to go to the hospital for our late mum’s daily radiotherapy treatment.  Back then I would knit and promise myself that I would keep the scarf for my own use. I dreamt that I would travel to a cold far away land and the scarf would come in handy. As I knit through the purple patch, the scarf took on a new beauty and without a doubt; I knew I would give the scarf to my mum once it was done. When our mother went to be with the Lord, I abandoned the scarf.  I put away the undone scarf and the knitting thread. I often thought to myself that I should dispose them since I didn’t need them anymore. I never got around to it.

I have recently moved house and as I was packing, I came across the unfinished scarf and knitting thread trashed away. Needless to say, I did not throw it away. I put it close to my bed in my new house and I am happy to share that the scarf is almost complete. As I knit away now, a habit I have slowly but surely become hooked to in the last one month, I am reminded of all the dreams I have reflected upon as I have worked on this scarf over the years. Many thoughts have run through my mind. Each patch, each knitting line a reflection of my state of mind then.

The scarf has a number of dropped stitches but I didn’t correct them, I want to always look at it and remember…remember it all. To remember the excitement of my first completed knitting project. To remember all special ones who sat with me as I knit away. I remember some conversations like it was just yesterday. The most recent was me knitting away during a visit from one of my closest friend just last month.

My scarf is incomplete and so is my life. It reminds me of many joys, many dreams, of difficult moments too. I am about to complete my scarf. I wonder what life will bring my way next. I wonder what I will be knitting next…Is it another scarf? Will it be for that special person in my life? How long will I take to complete my next scarf? Who will sit with me at home as I knit away at the next scarf? What colors will I choose for that scarf?

These are questions about my next scarf. Funny, these are very similar to those questions I ask about my life and the tomorrows ahead. For my life, I feel I have picked the best knitting needles I could ever come across, I have picked out a variety of beautifully colored thread too, and I just do not know yet what item I will knit.  I wonder what tomorrow holds……